Why Get A Termite Inspection?

By simply having a termite inspection done, you could prevent considerable damage to your home. Oceanic Pest Control can provide a comprehensive termite inspection. Homeowners have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not a homeowner yet? Consider a termite inspection for home purchase, where the inspector checks out a home or real estate purchase before you sign on the dotted line. The inspector can provide a termite inspection report that outlines any current or potential areas of termite damage. The termite inspection report may then be used in home price negotiations. The sooner an inspector can detect termite damage, the more money homeowners will save.

What To Expect During Your Termite Inspection?

The termite inspector should be confident, professional, and able to answer all of your questions and concerns. He or she should also be able to explain more about the types of termites that are typically found in your area. Next, expect him or her to talk to you about ways to prevent termites. He or she should also be able to explain your options. Do you need to have a no-tent option or is tenting recommended? What kind of treatment would work for your specific issue? It's the inspector's job to be clear about a treatment plan and the type of termites you may have.

Are Professional Pest Control Treatments Pet Friendly?

When it comes to Oceanic, the short answer is, yes! Today's materials for household pests are designed to be applied at low concentration levels, making them effective for small insects without posing a threat to people and pets. Oceanic Pest Control Pet Friendly pest control program is designed to control existing pest issues with pets but it helps prevent future ones. Preventing an infestation is often the best "medicine" for ensuring a healthy home.

What Precautions, If Any, Should We Take Inside The Home Should We Take For Our Pets Before Our Home Is Treated For Pests?

Communication with us is key. It's important to understand the different treatment options available to you and your responsibilities as a homeowner before, after and during any scheduled treatments. Some preventative measures you can take to protect your pets from future infestations.

  • Vacuum your home frequently. This can help control a flea infestation by removing eggs, larvae and adults. Take special care of carpets, furniture with cushions and be sure to vacuum along baseboards.
  • Wash any bedding where pets sleep and discard any old pet bedding and other items that may contain a severe level of infestation and replace it with new clean items.
  • Comb and groom pets frequently taking special care of areas around the neck where fleas tend to congregate.

Oceanic Pest Control Pet Friendly treatments for the interior and exterior of your home in conjunction with topical treatments prescribed by your veterinarian will ensure your pets remain protected.